Directors' Lunch: Lessons Learnt with Andrew Fastow

Event Date: 
23 May 2019
Parmelia Hilton
14 Mill Street

In 2004, Andy Fastow, former Enron Chief Financial Officer, pled guilty to two counts of securities fraud and was sentenced to six years in prison in the US. Three years earlier, Enron – today a poster child for poor corporate governance – had filed for bankruptcy with Fastow a key figure in the complex web of special purpose entities used to conceal Enron’s losses. How did it come to this?

Today, Fastow takes full responsibility for his actions and will share how he let his judgement lapse so others can learn from his profound mistakes. Fastow will talk on the importance of putting an ethical lens over corporate decision-making beyond the basic question of whether an action is legal or illegal. In light of the findings of the financial services Royal Commission, Fastow’s insights are more important than ever and his story serves as an important cautionary tale for all directors and their organisations.

AICD, in partnership with RSM, presents a unique opportunity to hear from Andy Fastow in person at a Directors’ Lunch.

Tickets are limited and we encourage you to book early.

Australian Institute of Company Directors
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