'Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace' Workshop

Event Date: 
12 June 2018
PeopleStart HQ
484 Albany Highway

At some point in your career, you will find yourself dealing with difficult people. Sometimes you’ll be dealing with difficult colleague, other times you might be managing a difficult customer. Whether it’s your direct manager, a colleague or even a customer, difficult people can be tricky, challenging and draining. They can impact morale, increase turnover and employee stress, and ultimately decrease productivity levels within your organisation.

This workshop is a game changer for participants who will learn to recognise and understand difficult behaviours, and be empowered with the tools, techniques and strategies to deal with these difficult behaviours in a positive and assertive manner. This workshop is designed for anyone who wishes to strengthen their skills in handling the challenging behaviours of difficult colleagues, staff or customers in the workplace.

Program content:
- Understanding difficult behaviours
- The cost of difficult people to organisations
- How we react to difficult behaviours
- Exploring difficult behaviours: the seven types
- Tools and techniques to manage difficult people

Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:
- describe why people can display difficult behaviour
- explain the cost and impact of difficult behaviours within the workplace
- identify the different difficult behaviours that exist and the emotional drivers behind them
- understand the brain’s response function to other people’s difficult behaviours and manage your own reaction
- communicate positively and assertively while maintaining a reputation for confidence and professionalism
- implement strategies to deal with the most common difficult behaviours that exist in the workplace including countering intimidation tactics from our aggressive behaviour type

The workshop will be facilitated by Jade Corbett, a senior HR and IR consultant with over 10 years of experience. Jade has a wealth of knowledge in best practice people and culture theories and strategies. She understands what drives team and organisational success and delivers practical content and programs which result in real learning outcomes.

The workshop is brought to you by PeopleStart, a disruptive boutique human resources and recruitment consultancy that helps organisations reach their full potential through the power of their people.

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