Data Cloud: Silicon Valley meets Mining

Event Date: 
20 April 2018
CORE Innovation Hub
FLUX, 191 St Georges Terrace

At this breakfast event Thor Kallestad, Chief Executive of DataCloud, will demonstrate DataCloud's software and show how it works and highlight the value it provides. He will also discuss how advances in cloud computing and cheap, powerful consumer electronics are making previously unavailable, high consequence, real-time geoscience accessible by the mining industry.

DataCloud is Silicon Valley's premier mining-technology focused company. Using a combination of Geology and Geophysics (G&G) experts from the oil and gas industry, and AI and cloud computing experts from Silicon Valley, DataCloud has built an integrated IoT sensor and machine learning solutions which provides these high-resolution insights in real-time. This provides a real-time cloud-based service to help miners assess the quality of the rocks they are mining.

CORE Innovation Hub
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