Cyber Security for Small Business

Event Date: 
25 October 2018
Riverton Library
67 Riley Road

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Cyber security is one lesson you don’t want to learn by consequence! You’ve put your heart and soul into your business enterprise and it could be ruined in an instant. If your business has never been a victim of an internet virus or a hacker, you might be tempted to disregard the whole subject as scare-mongering. However, protecting your systems has never been more important. Ransomware has upped the stakes in cyber security where you can find your computer systems literally taken hostage. More than ever, businesses and individuals need to know how to be less vulnerable against such attacks.

In this highly interactive and engaging workshop with other small business owners, you will explore more about the world of cyber security - what can go wrong, the human elements, and realistic practical strategies you can implement when returning to your workplace.

Protecting your information is critical to the sustainability and competitiveness of your small business. Increasingly, you will need to know more about cyber-risk mitigation strategies and how to implement them into work practices of your enterprise. Don’t let this be a regret. You owe it to your business and employees to duck out of work for a morning to become more cyber aware.

In this half-day interactive workshop you will cover relevant content, take part in hands-on activities, and contribute to seminar discussions around best practice. The workshop will also outline:
- cyber security overview
- the human factor
- cyber-crime
- protective mechanisms: counter-measures will be discussed and wider lessons considered

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