Cyber Security – The Challenge of the 21st Century

Event Date: 
14 March 2018
Pan Pacific Hotel
207 Adelaide Terrace

As the very real and challenging cyber threats to Australian government agencies, business organisations and individuals has become the new reality, protecting confidential data, intellectual property and IT systems against cyber crime has become an urgent priority.

The ABCC has put together an expert panel of cyber specialists to address important issues around the global cyber security landscape; protecting the UK and Australian Governments, nation states around the world and large multinational enterprises; board governance and cyber security risk management and the future of security.

On the panel:
•Volker Rath - ‎Head of Cyber Security Consulting Australasia, ‎BT Global Services
•Prof Craig Valli - Director, ECU Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University
•Sven Ross - CEO, Diamond Cyber Security
•Professor Vicky Vass - Managing Director at Stapleton International (Moderator)

Some of the issues that the panel will discuss include:
•Is Australian business doing enough to protect itself against cyber attacks? At Board level and with company employees, is the threat of a cyber attack recognised?
•Drones and emerging security issues
•Building cyber resilience within organisations
•Protecting confidential data and the risk to reputational, security and financial information
•Governance, managing risk and mitigating issues
•Phishing Campaigns - Phishing emails, often used to deliver malware, are becoming more sophisticated with the addition of specific company information regarding billing, logistics, and more.

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