Curtin Business School Executive Education Masterclass Series: Future-Proofing your Career

Event Date: 
14 June 2018
Curtin Graduate School of Business
78 Murray Street

‘By 2030, automation, globalisation and flexibility will change what we do in every job’ – Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), 2017

Just about everybody is talking about the ‘future of work’, how it will impact on work opportunities, job security and experiences. Which jobs will disappear and which jobs will be created? But what about the future of careers? What will future careers look like?

Addressing the needs of contemporary and future business professionals and leaders, Curtin Business School is leading the way in career sustainability research and practice. Drawing on the expertise of world class thought leaders in the field, we are pleased to announce the first in the CBS Executive Education Masterclass Series: Future-Proofing your Career. This inaugural program will feature Associate Professor Julia Richardson, an internationally recognised careers researcher and teacher in the field of human resource management. During the day, you will work with other business professionals seeking to enhance their own career sustainability through effective career transition.

You will:
- finish the day with your own, individualised career sustainability and transition plan
- learn about the key strategies for developing career sustainability
- engage with the impact of the changing work arrangements and relationships on career opportunities and experiences
- understand the principles of effective career transition
- enhance your capacity to take responsibility for your own career while working effectively with others
- understand the impact of social networks on career sustainability and career transition
- hear from senior industry thought leaders on Career Sustainability including the Group Director of Adecco Group, Dr Margot Wood
- learn from a high performing panel of ‘Career Transitioners’ – featuring Dr Marny Lishman (Panel host); Eamon Sullivan, Olympic Athlete turned successful restaurateur; and Marc Berryman, engineer-entrepreneur and founder of Rhinohide.

Program costs includes:
- a copy of Julia Richardson’s book, An Intelligent Career: Taking Ownership of Your Work and Your Life, co-authored with Prof Michael Arthur (Boston) and Prof Svetlana Khapova (Amsterdam)
- a delicious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

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