Culture – created in the boardroom

Event Date: 
28 July 2017
Governance Institute of Australia
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Culture as a powerful enabler in facilitating growth.

An organisation’s culture framework is an integral key to its success, but how do you get the board and CEO to realise the importance of this topic and lead by example?

Join us for this panel discussion to hear the different perspectives and insights from our experts on the following questions:
- How do we raise culture at the board table and get ‘buy in’?
- How do we foster good culture to encourage diversity at every level of the organisations?
- How do we create a workplace that takes care of employee development?
- What leadership styles help increase employee engagement and shape culture?
- How does the board and CEO ensure there is a values-led culture?
- What is the regulator's point-of-view?
- How do we help people ‘change the way they think’ to create ‘correct behaviour’?
- What are the benefits of a strong corporate culture?
- How do we remove workplace barriers for women to succeed?

Governance Institute of Australia
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