Corporate & cyber security, preparedness & governance

Event Date: 
25 February 2015
Governance Institute of Australia Seminar Room
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

In response to a change in the security environment, globally and in Australia, it will be prudent for organisations to review their own security arrangements and raise security awareness and preparedness amongst internal and external stakeholders, namely employees, contractors and suppliers.

With a high national terror alert level, zero-day cyber-attack risk and an impeding regulatory and litigation environment, company officers are expected to maintain an appreciation of the degree of security risk organisations are exposed to. Be it a CBD bombing, siege, robbery, personal violence or internal breach of trust or harassment through to theft, fraud, espionage or sabotage - corporate environments are exposed to a wide array of risks to human and business security.

This executive briefing identifies the risks enterprises are commonly exposed to, why security events occur and what are the best practice, day to day, mitigation and response practices that can tick off the prevention, preparedness, compliance and risk management needs.

Chris Cubbage, Director, My Security Media Pty Ltd, Amlec House Pty Ltd
Chris is a recognised security professional and has presented at conferences and seminars across the region and facilitated workshops across WA for public and private sector clients. Chris has two published books, is the Executive Editor of the Asia Pacific Security Magazine, Australian Security Magazine and a range of online channels dealing with current and emerging technologies. He is a contracted security adviser to government agencies, a former homicide detective and federal crime commission investigator.

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