Conversational Intelligence®

Event Date: 
18 July 2017
AIM WA Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale Street

AIM WA Your Best Self Series Luncheon

Conversations are the social glue that holds a culture together. Yet, research shows 9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Have you ever been in a conversation you weren't sure how to connect fully with another person so that they give you 100 percent of their attention? Or maybe you've been trying to motivate someone to do something at work and they've been resisting it? At home, perhaps your partner or children aren't listening to you and communication isn't working?

Join Maree Wrack in this interactive and entertaining presentation as she helps you discover your best conversational self! Learn how the latest developments in the neuroscience of conversations are transforming the way we engage and connect with others.

Boost your conversational awareness:
- Discover how your emotional intelligence and neurochemistry distort how you engage and connect
- Understand why people don't listen and why it's hard to get things done
- Explore the 5 Conversational Blind Spots that prevent healthy relationships and impede optimal results
- Build your best conversational self by developing trust, creating deeper connections, boosting energy and impacting the bottomline.

Speaker: Maree Wrack CSP, Laser Focused Leadership Specialist
Maree Wrack is a qualified practitioner with over 30 years of experience in Quality Conversation development, working with established corporations and organisations. A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Maree has undertaken further studies in Emotional Intelligence, Whole Brain Thinking® and the Neuroscience of Conversations. She is certified in integrating Conversational Intelligence® with leadership teams to increase measurable productivity and elevate emotional engagement.

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