Connect in Perth

Event Date: 
17 April 2013
Innovation Centre, Perth

For the first time, we invite you to our post Conference CONNECT event in Perth. Join local members and guests to network and hear 'real' stories and journeys of innovation and leadership.

First up, Allan Ryan, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute, will present an interactive session ‘WORK DIFFERENT : How to succeed in a rapidly changing world" 

In 1997, Steve Jobs reignited Apple Corp with the vision THINK DIFFERENT to become one of the worlds largest companies. WORK DIFFERENT distils the experiences of organisations across Australia’s economy that have succeeded over a similar period of time. 

Innovation has long been identified in many global surveys of organisational leaders as a priority. Why do some organisations succeed where others languish? What do successful leaders, managers and teams do that is different? 

This presentation will address these questions using over 10 years of research analysis  drawn from nearly 500  business, government and not for profit organisations operating in  the Australian economy. Using case studies, stories and his hands on experience, Allan  will outline four areas; emergent strategy, operational balance, talent alignment and movement, that differentiate high performing and successful  organisations.

Followed by three unique presentations by:

  • Mr Phil Kemp, Business Foundations : Innovation in WA: How do we compare?
  • Dr Mary Turonek, Patent Attorney and Senior Associate, Griffith Hack (Hargraves’ Member) : Generating momentum by understanding a business’ IP value proposition
  • Mr Bob Cross, Now Business Mastery : The Asian Century. How WA can reap the benefits


WA Department of Commerce
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