COPWA The Value of Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and In-house Research

Event Date: 
04 February 2015
UWA Club
Hackett Drive

Executive coaching, leadership coaching, coaching - has fast become the ‘go-to’ strategy to propel individuals in organisations to achieve. But what do these individuals, and their organisations actually achieve from being coached? Financial ROI evaluations cannot reliably attribute financial benefit to a specific program, therefore other measures such as behavioural and psychological aspects, and the resulting organisational impacts and outcomes should be considered.

Vicki Maree Wilson and Commander Roz Astfalck are researchers with the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Cultural Development and are responsible for evaluating Navy’s Leadership Development and Cultural Change programs. In this seminar, they will discuss:
 - the genesis of Navy’s Leadership Coaching Program,
 - the experiences and outcomes of executive coaching for individuals,
 - the differences in the collective experiences and outcomes for supervisory leaders compared to other leaders,
 - the broader impacts of coaching within the workplace,
 - the impacts of coaching on the organisation’s culture, and
 their mapping of individual outcomes to organisational outcomes.
The seminar will conclude with a Q & A opportunity for attendees to discuss these findings further with the researchers.

Vicki Maree Wilson
Vicki is a registered psychologist with over 10 years work experience with Defence. She joined the Directorate of Navy Strategic Development and Reporting in 2007 as a Research Officer investigating Strategic Human Resource, Organisational Development and training issues. Major research projects have included: - identifying the factors that attract and deter women from working in Navy; identifying and developing Navy’s Employment Value Proposition (EVP); personnel management considerations and mechanisms to support personnel to take career breaks; the impact of the WA economic resurgence on the recruitment and retention of Navy personnel; identifying and investigating cultural and systemic career management practices that negatively impact the careers of Navy women. Vicki joined the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Cultural Development in 2012. Her next research project, in collaboration with CMDR Astfalck, is to investigate the predictive factors of workplace deviance.
CMDR Roz Astfalck (PhD)
Commander Roz Astfalck joined the RAN in 1989 as a Training Specialist Officer, transferring to the Naval Reserve in 1994 to work part-time while pursuing studies and a career in physiotherapy. In 2003, she joined the Directorate of Navy Strategic Development and Reporting as a Research Officer responsible for research, initiative development and strategic direction across the personnel spectrum. Roz joined the Directorate of Navy Leadership and Cultural Development in 2010 as the Chief Staff Officer – Research. She was awarded a special Research Award by Human Synergistics in 2012 and a Deputy Chief of Navy Commendation for this work. Roz holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Curtin University of Technology as well as Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry and Physiotherapy, graduating in the latter with Honours; and a Graduate Diploma in Education.

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