CEDA: WA's future energy grid

Event Date: 
08 July 2014
Hyatt Regency Perth


WA's future energy grid
Evolution of Energy Supply in WA Series


Join CEDA, Western Power CEO, Paul Italiano, and a panel of energy experts as we discuss how Western Australia's energy grid might look in the future.

Join CEDA for the final event in our current Energy Series looking at the future of Western Australia's energy grid. As WA moves towards greater competition and with the potential for a more diverse energy mix, our panel of speakers will answer questions including:

  • How will the current operators of WA's energy infrastructure respond to the major changes in the energy system?
  • Does the State's current infrastructure and regulation allow for integration of unconventional gas into the electricity system?
  • What lessons can be learned from the shale gas revolution in the United States?
  • Where will the investment for modernising the State's energy infrastructure come from?
  • Will nuclear and renewable energy ever gain a foothold in WA?
  • Is the main value of the smart grid to flatten demand and supply curve, or integrate new technologies such as electric vehicles?


Meet the keynote speaker

Paul Italiano
Chief Executive Officer 
Western Power


Meet the speakers

Walter Gerardi
Principal Consultant 

Mark Paterson
Future Electricity Partnerships 
CSIRO Energy Flagship

Kirsten Rose
Chief Executive Officer 
Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

Erica Smyth
Toro Energy

Committee for Economic Development of Australia
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