CEDA - The Future of Work - what business needs to know

Event Date: 
06 April 2018
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road

This event, the first of CEDA WA’s 2018 Future of Work series, provides a foundational understanding of the opportunities, challenges and impact that automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the future of work will have on business and the economy. Thought-leaders will explore the moral and ethical challenges facing the business community, and the economic and social implications of not embracing technological advances. Technological advances such as automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, unprecedented in both scale and pace, are dramatically reshaping our workforce and workplace. The world is becoming a faster changing and more turbulent place for organisations and the necessity to adapt has never been greater.

CEDA’s influential 2015 research report – Australia’s future workforce – found technology could make almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs, including highly skilled roles, redundant in 10 to 15 years. CEDA WA’s 2018 Future of Work series continues discussions outlined in the research by exploring key themes paramount to Australia’s economic growth and diversity. Speakers from the most forward-thinking companies will profile how they are preparing for the future of work.

Issues to be considered at this event include:
- Why preparing for the future of work must be a strategic priority for businesses in their future planning and policy reform needed to support this
- How vulnerability and failure are integral to success
- Whether a Universal Basic Income System could work in Australia

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