CEDA - STEM skills business essential - Women in Leadership

Event Date: 
19 June 2018
The Westin
480 Hay Street

This event, the first in CEDA WA’s Women in Leadership 2018 series, examines the importance of businesses embracing and encouraging STEM skills in the workplace, and to be at the forefront of digital disruption preparedness.

Recent research has indicated that 75 per cent of the fastest-growing occupations require STEM skills, with over 70 per cent of Australian employers identifying STEM employees as being the most innovative. The critical skills that STEM fosters (such as problem-solving, analytic capabilities, curiosity and imagination) have all been identified as the core skills for fostering a successful workplace in the future. However, only one female for every five males ends up becoming STEM qualified. What changes and strategies need to be made to change this for our economy before it is too late?

Join distinguished panelists examining the opportunities in supporting women in STEM disciplines.

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