CEDA - Postcode inequality - WA's economic challenge

Event Date: 
27 April 2018
Pan Pacific Perth
207 Adelaide Terrace

CEDA WA’s event will explore the persistence of poverty in some regions and urban areas in our State and the impact limited access to quality technology, education, infrastructure and health services has on Western Australia’s economy.

Inequality is a critical economic and public policy issue with complex causes, effects and solutions. Distinguished speakers will explore the drivers of inequality in regional Western Australia, focusing on education, employment, geography and technology, and discuss how equality of opportunity and access can transform our economy.

Join CEDA’s senior, cross-sector audience to better understand inequality as an economic concept and the potential inequality challenges Australia faces in the future.

This event will celebrate the launch of the CEDA 2018 research report How unequal? Insights on inequality. Each guest will receive a complimentary copy of the report.

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