CEDA: Gender diversity and inclusion targets: CEOs leading the way

Event Date: 
09 March 2017
State Reception Centre, Fraser’s Kings Park

CEDA's Women in Leadership series delivers leading thinking and thinkers, new insights and a forum for debate on a complex and critical economic development issue - equity and diversity. CEDA is honoured to welcome three distinguished leaders to discuss increasing gender diversity and inclusion targets within the corporate environment.

In an effort to increase diversity throughout their organisations, the CEOs of major companies such as BHP Billiton, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and AGL now have bonuses tied directly to meeting key diversity targets. While some believe implementing targets will drive progress faster, some investors are unsettled that the focus of CEOs has shifted away from financial targets towards so-called “softball human resources” KPIs.

At this event, speakers will discuss – is the CEO being personally responsible for diversity targets the best way of achieving progress, or are there different, better methods? The event will also explore different solutions for organisations and provide insight to assist attendee organisations with reviewing their practices.

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