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Event Date: 
18 July 2013
Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel 150 Great Eastern Highway Ascot

'Selling to Your Client's Style'

Guest Speaker: Local Chambers Key Corporate Member Todd Hutchison, People Rich

The ability to learn how to identify and deal with different communication styles when matched can speed up sales and create a stronger bond with the prospect.

This session will teach you the concept behond how we click with people.

If you want to improve your selling techniques by adapting to the clients style and win more sales, this is an event you need to be at!

* Learn the psycology of sales through understanding visual, auditory, and kinestetic communication styles of clients.

* The process of being able to identify and adapt to a prospects human respresentative system and how to use it to convey your sales messages

* How to create productive relationships with all clients through a strong emotional connection and being a concious business

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