Business Motivation Lunch with Mobial's Simon Waller

Event Date: 
27 August 2013
Local Chambers Key Corporate Lounge
6 Kent Street


Guest Speaker: Simon Waller, Mobial

These days "mobility" seems to mean having multiple mobile devices - all of which you carry with you. But is this really making anyone more productive? How do we unify all this mobile stuff and still get things done? The answer will be different for every business. In this workshop you will learn:

• Why should you and your organisation need to be engaging with mobile technology right now?

• What should you (and shouldn't you) use your iPad/tablet vs laptop or smart phone for?

• What are the risks of storing data on these devices and in the cloud? What can you do to manage them effectively?

• What apps should you be using and for what tasks? How do you know a good app when you see one?

*Includes buffet lunch and soft drinks


Local Chambers
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