Building Individual and Organisational Resilience

Event Date: 
30 April 2015
Governance Institute of Australia Seminar Room
Ground Floor, 8 Victoria Avenue

Stress is a growing epidemic in organisations and society. As the scale and pace of change increases in global markets and industries, the downside risks to organisational productivity and individual wellbeing in a knowledge worker age are significant. Building resilience is the antidote to stress, enabling individuals to thrive under pressure and organisations to become more agile and effective in navigating change. In this practical and interactive session, we will explore the relationship between stress, performance and personal wellbeing and how the adoption of simple techniques can significantly enhance resilience at an individual and organisational level.

During this lunchtime briefing you will learn;
• The relationship between motivation, productivity, resilience and stress
• The hidden costs of workplace stress and the threats to productivity
• The neuroscience of stress - how we respond physiologically to stress and simple techniques to control that response
• How to build resilience, personally and organisationally

Walk away with;
• A deep understanding of the personal and organisational costs of chronic stress
• Practical techniques to control your stress response and build resilience for improved personal health and performance
• How to reduce excessive bias in decision making in the board room and perform better under pressure
• Tips and tools to measure and manage the downside risks to productivity in your organisation

Presented by
Craig Taplin, Chief Executive, Ubility

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