Budget Briefing

Event Date: 
18 May 2012
Pan Pacific Hotel

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Alan Langford
Chief Economist

ABSTRACT: Alan will discuss the economic assumptions underlying the state and federal budgets and the financial relationship between the two tiers of government, the operation of which has significant implications for the bottom lines of both Canberra and the WA government.

Anthony Kannis
Executive Director Infrastructure and Finance
Department of Treasury

ABSTRACT: Anthony is a senior executive with the Western Australian Department of Treasury and a leading participant in the national infrastructure policy environment.  Anthony’s credentials include current appointments to Western Australia’s ‘Infrastructure Coordinating Committee’, the federal government advisory body ‘Infrastructure Australia’, and Deputy Chairperson of the ‘Western Australian Treasury Corporation’. From his unique vantage point Anthony is well positioned to provide an insightful commentary of the 2012-13 Western Australian state budget.

Event Description:

This annual event provides an early opportunity for public servants to learn how the WA State Budget will influence their planning and programs for the coming year.

Not only will you hear firsthand what the budget holds, but you will also be presented with an independent analysis of its impact. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and network over lunch.

Topics Include

  • Analysis of the State budget in the context of national and international economic factors.
  • Background to the State budget decisions.
  • Budget objectives - What are the outcomes the State hopes to see from this budget?
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