Breakfast with the Hon Bredon John Grylls MLA

Event Date: 
09 November 2016

As the State Election draws closer, CCI is hosting a series of events to hear from the leaders of the major parties about their plans for the state should they form Government come March 2017.

This is a good opportunity to hear plans, but also more importantly to represent your business/industry position. It is vital that the state’s number one business group does all it can to facilitate forums such as this to get the message across to the major political parties contesting the next election.

After emerging as kingmaker in the 2008 State election, WA National Party leader Brendon Grylls has been credited with revitalising the party’s prospects and channelling mining royalties to regional communities.

Following a three year hiatus on the backbench, Grylls recently returned to the Nationals leadership with renewed energy and a controversial proposal for a new revenue stream.

Please join CCI to hear more about Grylls’ plans in the lead up to the 2017 WA State Election.

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