Breakfast with Woodside CEO, Peter Coleman

Event Date: 
23 March 2012
Fraser's Restaurant
Kings Park

'Is Peter Coleman the man to save Woodside?' - FINANCIAL REVIEW

Peter Coleman has 27 years experience in the global oil and gas industry, and has been
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Woodside since joining the company in
May 2011.

Born in Sale, Victoria, Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Monash
University in 1983 and has a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University.

Peter began his career at Exxon Australia following graduation from Monash University
and staying with the company until joining Woodside. During his time with Exxon he held
a variety of executive positions across the Corporation.

His final position with ExxonMobil was as Vice President, Development Company, with
responsibility for leading development and project work in Asia Pacific.

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