Breakfast by the Bay: Transformative Work Design

Event Date: 
13 July 2016
The University Club of Western Australia

Work is changing more rapidly, on a larger scale, than at any time in history. We are witnessing profound shifts, such as the growth of cognitive computing, altered forms of careers, new occupations, distinct organisational structures, and pervasive shifts in workforce demography. What does all this change mean for achieving meaningful, healthy, and productive work? What is the role of work design in shaping this major change to deliver better outcomes for individuals, organisations, and society?

At this breakfast, Australian Research Council Laureate Sharon Parker will outline the agenda for the soon-to-be-launched Centre for Transformative Work Design. She will present thought-provoking ideas about the role of work design in leveraging the benefits of societal and technological change, as well as how well-designed work can achieve outcomes as diverse as enhanced innovation, team agility, reduced stress, greater workforce participation, and the prevention of cognitive decline during ageing.

Proudly supported by the UWA Business School and The University Club of Western Australia.

UWA Business School / University Club of WA
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