BrainChip - from the ICWA to the ASX - an Incubator Experience

Event Date: 
26 May 2015
Enterprise Room
Innovation Centre of WA
9 De laeter Way
Technology Park Bentley

Brainchip – from the ICWA to the ASX

An ICWA Business Incubator Experience: Possibilities are Limitless

Friday, 15 May 2015

Fact File

Speaker Peter van der Made, BrainChip founder developer of artificial intelligence technology SNAP and Andrew Jones, Corporate Advisor at MVP Capital
BrainChip is currently finalising the merger with AZIANA (AZK)
Once the transaction is completed, BrainChip will be the only ASX listed artificial technology company
Aziana shares spiked from $0.02 to a temporary high of 0.45 - a 2150% increase
Presentations will be followed by a Q&A and networking
Tuesday 26 May 2015, Enterprise Room, ICWA, Technology Park Bentley

The Innovation Centre of WA invites to an evening with Peter van der Made, inventor of the SNAP processor and founder of BrainChip. Peter will speak at the ICWA event on the evening prior to the AZIANA AGM.

Peter van der Made, founded artificial intelligence company BrainChip that has created a neural computing technology that ‘self learns’ the same way the human brain does. Peter developed the Spiking Neuron Adaptive Processor (SNAP) over the past ten years. His chip is the first application of a spiking neural network which is commercially viable and uses significantly less power with a much higher performance than GPU or supercomputer neural networks. BrainChip was an Incubatee of the ICWA Business Incubator until July 2014, when Peter moved from Perth to San Diego to further commercialise his technology. Peter says that the Innovation Centre of WA enabled him to succeed with his breakthrough innovation.

“The ICWA is a very stimulating environment. The incubator has a different culture than an ordinary office space. It kept me going through the three years.”

Peter lodged the first patent for the new processing method in 2008. However in 2012, when Peter moved into the ICWA Incubator, the market was not ready for his idea.

“It is a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Perth wasn’t the right place three years ago, but is now. With the end of the mining boom, people are looking at technology”, Peter said. Peter utilised the key contacts he met at, and through, the ICWA and finally all the networking and years of hard work, paid off.

"When the transaction completes, Aziana will be the only ASX listed company with a patented artificial intelligence technology that is 5000 times faster, with 1/1000 the power consumption of the world’s fastest computers performing neural computing today", according to an Aziana representative.

BrainChip got the attention of Andrew Jones, Corporate Advisor at MVP Capital, who met Peter through the ICWA, and who immediately noticed the potential.

”I was very impressed with the technology and its multitude of applications”, says Andrew.

"I knew that if its potential was proven, it would be the holy grail of technology.

When Peter's technology was endorsed by top neuroscientists from the Kavli Institute and Curtin University, as well as some other reputable institutions Andrew knew it was the start of something very exciting. It was after these endorsements that Andrew started the proceedings to list BrainChip on the ASX. The companies are currently finalising the merger with AZIANA (AZK), whose shares spiked immediately after the initial announcement of the merger and continued to grow from $0.02 to a high of $0.45 an 2150 % increase. The shares are currently on trading halt pending an announcement.


Peter van der Made, Founder of BrainChip and developer of the SNAP processor

Andrew Jones, Corporate Advisor at MVP Capital, who developed and manages the reverse take over.

Who should attend:

Start-ups, SMEs and innovators

People interested in artificial technology

People interested in a reverse take-over as a finance model

Date: Tuesday, 25 May 2015

Time: 5:30pm registrations for a 6pm start

Venue: Enterprise Room

Innovation Centre of WA

9 De Laeter Way

Technology Park Bentley

Cost: FREE

Reservations: Are essential due to limited seating.

Innovation Centre of WA
(08) 6251 2526
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