Blockchain - Hope or Hype?

Event Date: 
23 May 2019
Curtin University
137 St Georges Terrace

Blockchain technology is developing at a breathtaking pace, and has the potential to disrupt normal practices in many fields including accounting, finance, supply chain management and business logistics. Applications in blockchain technology are being developed across many sectors and whilst some of these are likely to fail, others will flourish and cause great disruption in certain industries. It is vital for business leaders and managers to be aware of this threat and to know how to successfully navigate these changes.

This masterclass introduces blockchain technology, looks at how a blockchain is built and implemented, and discusses the potential for blockchain to cause both disruption and advancement. You’ll learn how to strategise, navigate change, and successfully turn blockchain technology into a business opportunity.

Participants of this program will:
• gain an understanding of disruptive technologies that have affected businesses over the last three decades
• learn of the consequences of not recognising the threat of disruption in a timely manner, and business strategies to successfully manoeuvre disruptive changes
• receive an overview of blockchain and how it works, including the key characteristics of blockchain
• leave with an understanding of when the use of blockchain technology is appropriate, as well as study examples of applications for blockchain technology

Curtin Business School, Executive Education
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