Bankwest Business Breakfast with Shane Davies

Event Date: 
17 April 2013
The Red Herring
26 Riverside Road
East Fremantle

For years, retail brands like Toyota, Disney, Coca-Cola & McDonalds have invested millions in customer insight programs designed to better understand customers.


They understand the Art of Asking their customer, how to beat competitors.


Shane Davies runs Davies BDM, a specialist customer insight and competitive strategy practice that helps companies build insight driven competitive advantage. In his presentation Writing Conversations: The art and science of asking your client how to beat your competitors, customer insight specialist Shane Davies shares his experiences working with local, national and international brands over more than 20 years and arms you with the know-how to engage your customers in conversations that lead to competitive advantage.


3 Reasons why businesses should attend:

1. Why talking with customers is critical to maintaining your competitive advantage.

2. How to ask your clients, how to beat your competitors.

3. Why customer 'WANT' will help you to win and retain business.


Great Networking & Door Prizes!

Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce
9433 2306
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