BUILD TRUST & DELIVER VALUE- Productive Selling on Purpose

Event Date: 
02 November 2018
The Camfield Function Room
Camfield Drive


How do you stay in tune with customer needs and one step ahead of your competitors?

Focus on what matters. The biggest focus for sales professionals today is building trust and articulating value in a noisy market.

There is an increase in strong competition and an increase in numbers of decision makers on the buyers side. Sales professionals that will prevail will win big as new opportunities arise out of a rebounding marketplace. Also, sales people that are refocusing on the customer in detail will better position themselves for solutions that fit.

At Circle Leadership Global, we know two things for sure:
* Finding the time to understand the nuances of a client’s business and provide solutions in a lengthening sales cycle means managing accounts will be a major difficulty.
* When it comes to sales skills, the number-one concern is how to ask insightful and relevant questions to understand clients’ needs.

This is why we have launched PRODUCTIVE SELLING on PURPOSE. This one-day program addresses both these critical components to sales success for your business to achieve immediate results and stay ahead of the pack. With more competition, the need to stand out is greater and the ability to deliver compelling value is essential.

In Productive Selling on Purpose, you will learn HOW TO:
• redefine what it means for you to be productive.
• use the Rule of 15 to improve every stage of your sales process.
• increase your productivity by focusing on high pay off activities.
• eliminate distractions and interruptions to build your perfect week.
• goal setting for personal motivation.
• understand the science of consumer behaviour and why people buy.
• develop a sales framework to make values-based decisions through.
• develop a facilitators mindset to take your prospects on a buying journey.
• build a value proposition for what you sell in your prospects' heart and mind.

As a result, you will Improve Sales Growth Immediately! Remember, Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) is all Human to Human (H2H). People buy from people.

Your Facilitators are:
Dave Clare, CEO & Founder of Circle Leadership Global
Published author, Award winning Sales Leader, Facilitator and Coach for over 25 years, Dave knows how to achieve sales growth by focusing on high path activities that bring results. His R.E.L.A.X.E.D. Selling program and Personal Productivity Excellence program has successfully been facilitated internationally across multiple industries.

Jason King, Managing Partner of Circle Leadership Global
As the Sales leader of award-winning sales teams for global organisations for over 14 years in Australia and the UK, Jason knows how to bring sales results in a challenging and increasingly evolving sales landscape.

The Opportunity:
In an increasingly changing sales landscape, full of disruptions, online content and new competitors, you will learn how to stand out from by simply being a real person providing value to another person. Where automation and AI are becoming a daily part of our lives, people still buy from people. Business to business or business to consumer, it's all human to human.

What's in it for you and your sales colleagues?
- You will have access to a printed copy and downloadable Sales Growth blueprint to increase your sales results immediately. Bonus Value of $97 included.
- You will have a follow-up call with Dave or Jason after the event to ask any further questions while you are implementing your Sales Growth plan. Bonus Value of $197 included.
- You will have access to additional online content reserved for attendees only.
- You will have access to networking opportunities during and after the event to widen your network.

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