BIS Shrapnel Business Forecasting Conferences

Event Date: 
23 March 2012
Hyatt Regency Hotel

Everyone remains worried about the slow train wreck that is the European debt crisis. Despite this, the Australian economy is accelerating. The minerals investment boom and the associated activity are providing a floor under growth. Furthermore, households appear comfortable enough with their position to start spending again.

The high Australian dollar, weak demand in key international markets, and modest demand outside the mining industry means many other trade-exposed industries are in decline. Non-trade-exposed firms also remain on the sidelines due to low confidence, excess capacity, declining Government spending, and difficult funding conditions. Hence, investment and employment remains weak, which is a concern for medium-term growth.

An important silver lining is that inflation is falling and the RBA has lowered interest rates.

BIS Shrapnel's 96th series of half-day briefings on the Australian economy and building and property markets will give a clear overview of the economic and industry outlook to June 2013, assisting businesses with their short to mid-term planning, strategy and budgeting.

Date and venue
Perth Friday March 23, 2012 - Hyatt Regency

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