Avon Descent

Event Date: 
02 August 2014 to 03 August 2014
Avon River


The Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent is Western Australia’s own unique sporting event that attracts competitors and spectators from throughout Australia and overseas. Competitors challenge the Avon and Swan rivers in a variety of paddle and power craft in an exciting two-day time trial over 124 gruelling kilometres.

The Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent was first held in 1973 with just 49 competitors, no rules, no officials, no checkpoints and very few spectators. In the years since, over 25,000 people have competed in the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent, from novices and families, to World and Olympic Champions.

Preparation, planning and management for the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent is undertaken throughout the year by members of Northam’s Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent Association. The race itself is supported by over 2000 Western Australian volunteers. Communities and community groups benefit directly and indirectly from the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent and it is estimated that more than $5M was injected into the local economy in 2001 as a result of the event and the additional visitors attracted to the regions. (2002 Summit Homes Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent Social and Economic Impact Study)

The Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent has all of the ingredients of a highly visual, interactive and spectacular event.


Basic Course Details

Day 1 is a 57 kilometre stretch beginning at the Town of Northam, 100 kilometres east of Perth. The course proceeds downriver through the town of Toodyay into the upper reaches of the Darling Range escarpment. The half-way point and overnight stop is the Boral Campsite located at Cobbler Pool 20 kilometres west of Toodyay.

Day 2 is 76 kilometres long and sees competitors tackle the valley containing the major white water obstacles and challenges of the event including Supershoot, Emu Falls, Championship Rapids and Bells Rapids. The rush of the valley leaves competitors with the marathon 30 kilometre, flat water stretch to Bayswater. While the victorious burst their way over the Finish Line the achievers are happy just to finish.



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