Australia Update: Raising the Standard of Living

Event Date: 
04 September 2018
The University Club of WA, The University of Western Australia
Hackett Entrance #1, Hackett Drive, 35 Stirling Highway

The UWA Business School and the UWA Public Policy Institute are proud to present some of Australia’s most influential thought leaders from business, government and education in a one-day forum presenting a series of public discussions. Presenters include Philip Gaetjens (Secretary to the Australian Treasury), Jennifer Hewett (Australian Financial Review), John Simon (Reserve Bank of Australia), Mark Barnaba (Chairman of the UWA Business School Board and Fortescue Metals Group FMG) and Peter van Onselen (ABC anchor, UWA).

Join us for an afternoon of free public events as we consider the emerging political and economic challenges facing Australia. Expand your knowledge and be a part of the solution to issues including manufacturing job loss, unaffordable housing, company tax, wages and competitiveness and the regulation of banks.

We will focus on answering key questions – how should Australia navigate new challenges and ensure high living standards, world-class standards of health education and wages, and equal opportunity for future generations? How do we ensure good governance for business and security of incomes? These challenges are emerging in a time of increasing uncertainty in global economic leadership and rising nationalist and protectionist sentiment. Be a part of changing the future.

Attend any or all of the below events as part of the forum. Sessions will be followed by tea and coffee.

2.30 – 3.30pm | Make Banking Great Again
Seminar Room 1, The University Club, The University of Western Australia
Fees for no service, increasing interest rate margins and ineffective watchdogs. At the peak of the crisis in banking, a panel of UWA academics will explain and debate the causes of the crisis and the costs of alternative solutions.

2.30 – 3.30pm | Development Challenges for WA
Seminar Room 2, The University Club, The University of Western Australia
Is Perth poised to be one of the world’s greatest cities riding the crest of a rejuvenated Asian growth surge? Or is it facing ongoing development challenges? UWA academics and the Committee for Perth debate alternative visions for the development of the city and WA.

4 – 5pm | Bateman Lecture – Philip Gaetjens, Secretary to the Treasury, introduced by Mark Barnaba (Chair of UWA Business School Board and FMG)
Auditorium, The University Club, The University of Western Australia
UWA invites you to join Secretary to the Treasury Philip Gaetjens in his inaugural public address. Mr Gaetjens has more than 40 years’ experience in the state and federal public sectors, from government business enterprises to national electricity markets, state utilities and taxation. In this Bateman Lecture, he will discuss aspects of Australian economic management, reforms and prospects for our future.

5.30 – 6.30pm | Community Q&A: Enter Trump - Is Public Policy Going Backwards?
Auditorium, The University Club, The University of Western Australia
A panel discussion with Peter van Onselen, Jennifer Hewett, John Simon, Stephen Smith and UWA experts
A wave of economic challenges has emerged at a time of populist backlash - Brexit, Trump and ongoing political instability in Canberra. How should public policy makers respond to address job loss, unaffordable housing, the deficit, low wage growth and inequality? Can Australia navigate these new challenges to ensure world-class standards of health education, wages and equal opportunity for future generations? Join our expert panel in discussing and attempting to answer these big questions facing Australia.

6.30 – 7.30pm | Research Showcase and MBA Advantage Book Launch
Banquet Hall, The University Club, The University of Western Australia
Hosted by the Graduate Management Association (GMA)
The 2018 Australia Update forum will close with evening drinks as UWA researchers showcase their findings from the past year. Focusing on public policy, economics, politics and the future of Australia, these experts will discuss their research and network with attendees. UWA MBA alumni will be launching The MBA Advantage as part of the showcase, a book applying the skills and insight developed through an intensive MBA program to offer powerful insight and novel solutions.

Drinks and light refreshments will be served.


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