Annual Corporate Governance Forum

Event Date: 
05 June 2014
$1 225.00
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Grand Ballroom
99 Adelaide Terrace

A must-attend for all governance practitioners working in public companies (listed and unlisted), private companies and emerging enterprises.

Many a corporate decision is a choice between expediency and thoroughness, clarity and obscurity, risk and reward. Choosing the right option demands being in possession of all the facts and latest developments. Without them, you cannot be in control, to lead and guide your organisation's governance performance in a responsible and ethical manner.

This year, the newly named Governance Institute offers you the best opportunity to update your annual governance and risk map, and to ensure your organisation is heading in the right direction. Australia's leading experts such as Diane Smith-Gander, Kevin Lewis, Paul Bloxham, Valerie Davies and Tracey Horton will share their insights on key governance and risk management topics.

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