Angel Investing Series: Cyber Security Masterclass (WA CYber Security Week)

Event Date: 
19 November 2018
Joondalup Resort
Country Club Boulevard

The global market for cyber security products and services is growing exponentially. Gartner Inc says that global information security spending will reach $124 billion by 2019, up 9% from 2018.

Fast and furious changes in device technology — and in cyber criminals’ strategies — continue to fuel rapid expansion of the cyber security sector.

WA has one the top ten Cyber Research institutes in the world, backed by millions of dollars in government and industry funding. This has seeded a new economy technology sector that is energetically responding to these global challenges - many of these emerging innovations will have the capability to compete and be successful on the world stage. It is also clear that all of these innovations will and do require investment to develop and to grow.

The question is: what do private investors need to be aware and alert of, to guide them in investing in the best opportunities to optimise the potential for gaining returns?

New economy technologies are disrupting the world and Perth Angels’ Angel Investing Series seeks to provide private investors and business owners with insights, tools and connections to better understand exactly how and where to participate and share in the commercial growth of these new technology ventures. The aim of the Investing in Cyber Security Masterclass is to bring together leading practitioners and industry stakeholders to discuss key issues, considerations and best practice for investing in Cyber Security.

The Tech: What the terms mean
The Transformative Opportunity: How the Tech can create money
The Investment Opportunity: How does the investor make money

Celebrate the launch of WA Cyber Security Week with us on Monday, November 19, with doors and registrations from 11:30am and join this important conversation!

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