AmCham - Executive Tutorial 'Insights into Neuroscience' with Sue Langley

Event Date: 
19 March 2015
Hyatt Regency Perth
99 Adelaide Terrace

With the fast pace of change putting an increasing demand on us at work, leveraging the brain’s capacity for creativity, positivity and influence has never been more important. The better we can understand and tap our neural potential, the better we can manage and lead people through change.

The Neuroscience of Change explores the dynamics of the human brain and provides new insights into what really affects our thinking and behaviour. Participants will learn how to use neuroscience to engage others and enhance performance, why people resist change and what you can do to harness change potential in yourself and others.

Join AmCham for this thought-provoking and engaging session with practical neuroscience expert Sue Langley, as she converts neuroscience and emotional intelligence research into tangible tools and practical applications you can use every day to enhance effectiveness and decision making. Seen on the ABC TV series Redesign my Brain, Sue will give you insights into how to retrain your brain for improved performance. Come along for insights into NeuroService!

About our speaker:

Sue Langley is a speaker, facilitator and master trainer who inspires people to apply emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience to become the best they can be. Founder and CEO of the Langley Group and Emotional Intelligence Worldwide, she is considered the leading advisor in Australia on the practical workplace application of these fields.

Currently conducting research linking neuroscience and creativity, Sue was the first person in the world to complete a Masters in Neuroscience of Leadership. She holds a BA in Psychology and Management from Monash University and has studied positive psychology at Harvard. Sue is also the published author of “Positive Relationships at Work” in Positive Relationships by Sue Roffey (Springer 2012) and two children’s books based on positive psychology principles. She sits on the Board of Wellbeing Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Association. She is also the leading brain behind the world's only Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

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