AmCham Business Briefing with Adrian Griffin, Managing Director, Lithium Australia

Event Date: 
26 June 2018
Parmelia Hilton Perth
14 Mill Street

The Energy Revolution has arrived...and Lithium Australia are disrupting the industry to power it.

Lithium Australia is paving the way towards closing the loop on the energy metal cycle. Join us on June 26 as Adrian Griffin, Managing Director of Lithium Australia, provides his unique insight on closing the loop and how Lithium Australia, with lithium set to become WA's next boom metal, has strategically transformed into an end-to-end lithium business through advanced manufacturing techniques such as the SiLeach® process.

About Adrian Griffin, Managing Director of Lithium Australia:
Having spent more than 40 years in mining, Mr Griffin’s expertise ranges from project identification, development and financing, to overseeing the operation of integrated mining and processing facilities. His substantial international experience includes diamond exploration and production and being a founder and technical director of Ferrum Crescent, an iron-ore developer in South Africa. Mr Griffin was also a founding director of Northern Minerals and Parkway Minerals (developer of the K-Max™ process to recover potassium and other metals from glauconite) and is a non-executive director of Reedy Lagoon Corporation. Most recently, he has been instrumental in identifying the global opportunity to establish lithium micas as a source feed for the lithium chemical industry.

About Lithium Australia:
Lithium Australia is an Australia-based company, engaged in the project acquisition, mineral exploration and process development of lithium. Lithium Australia is the sole owner of the SiLeach® process, a hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of metals such as lithium from silicates. The process provides a cost-effective alternative to common extraction techniques. The technology being used not only has a small energy footprint but also leads to valuable by-product credits. Lithium Australia has operations in Western Australia at Ravensthorpe, Pilbara, Goldsfields, Seabrook, Greenbushes, Gascoyne, Lake Johnston and Colabark. Lithium Australia also has exploration properties in Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, Mexico and Germany.

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