AIM WA Your Best Self Series - Sleep Better

Event Date: 
05 September 2017
AIM WA Leadership Centre
76 Birkdale Street

For Health, Wellbeing and Productivity

Sleep is well known to influence mood, health and productivity. For many of us, however, good sleep remains elusive. According to recent research, approximately one third of all Australians regularly sleep poorly and experience tiredness and fatigue as a result. This comes at a significant cost to employee health, safety and productivity.

In this fast paced and entertaining presentation, find out about:
- the causes and consequences of poor sleep
- how sleep is structured
- the physiological drivers for sleep
- how to apply some simple strategies at both individual and organisational levels to optimise sleep
- how to get better sleep for health, wellbeing and productivity benefits

About the Speaker:
Jason van Schie, Managing Director People Diagnostix
Jason van Schie has been working as a registered Psychologist across Australia for the past decade. He holds a Masters degree in Applied Occupational Psychology and works at the cutting edge of wellbeing research and application with some of the most respected organisations and schools in Australia. Jason is very passionate about sleep health, as is evident in his role as an Independent Director on the board of the Sleep Health Foundation (SHF), increasing awareness of the importance of sleep for health, wellbeing, productivity and safety.

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