AIM WA Sundowner - Our Magnificent and Flawed Brains at Work

Event Date: 
18 April 2018
Australian Institute of Management WA
76 Birkdale Street

Understand your brain and be more effective today.

The blossoming area of neuroscience is revealing some surprising insights into how our brains work - and don't work.

Shaun will take you on an intriguing, thoughtful, helpful and possibly slightly embarrassing journey to discover what you can do to reshape your daily work practices to be more effective. You’ll also be encouraged to challenge some of the myths that permeate our corporate lives, which have little or no evidence to support their existence – such as the 70:20:10 model of learning, the percentage of a message that is transmitted non-verbally and our ability to multi-task.

You’ll walk away from this highly interactive presentation with some:
- practical, behavioural changes you can make to save time and focus better
- insight into common cognitive biases that distort our thinking and decision-making
- changes you can make within your work-group to function better
- alternative approaches to change management
- fun activities you can use to tease family and friends.

Speaker: Dr Shaun Ridley FAIM, Deputy CEO, AIM WA
Shaun Ridley is well known to the AIM WA Membership community after a 30-year career working locally and internationally, helping organisations to develop their strategic direction, pro-actively manage change, and develop the potential of their people. His current role as Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Institute has given him unrivalled access to hundreds of organisations across multiple industry types.


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