A big Business was once a small business - It just marketed itself better!

Event Date: 
25 February 2019
Curtin Graduate School of Business
78 Murray Street

As part of the Alpha Incubation Services, and along with the preparation of Alpha Innovation Contest 2019, Alpha Incubation Group is organising a series of Salon seminars for young entrepreneur and startups. The 1st one titled as "Lucky or Smart“ was held on 18th Dec 2018 with great feedback.

On 25th Feb 2019, Alpha Incubation Group has set the schedule for the 2nd Alpha Entrepreneur Salon seminar at Curtin Graduate School of Business. This seminar will focus on the marketing strategy of a new business, from which the audience can get the below points:

1. How to market your business including what it takes to deliver a strategy, the direction you should be moving in, and what tools are required to ensure your business succeeds;
2. How to identify your ideal clients and target markets, and how to approach these markets successfully while working with your team to implement the solutions.

The speaker is the CEO of Concept Marketing, who is also a member on the Mentor Panel of Alpha Incubation Group.

Please join us for this exciting topic and get the above knowledge to help you start or grow your business.

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