"7 Deadly Sins of a Leader" by Peter Mclean - Project Management Institute Chapter Meeting

Event Date: 
09 August 2017
City West Receptions
45 Plaidstowe Mews

How will you avoid a leader’s deadly sins to be a great leader?

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There are many great ways to destroy your leadership! In the last 12 months, we’ve continued to witness the sometimes bizarre, sometimes entertaining, but often concerning ways political leaders on the world stage have killed theirs. Last year, he showed us how to access and use our gifts and talents to thrive as leaders. On August 9, Peter McLean will be returning to show us how we can avoid the deadly sins that afflict leaders and instead take on the kinds of actions, behaviours and attitudes that will help us to win as leaders.

During 2016 and 2017, Peter has continued to work with high-level leaders and managers to dramatically improve their performance and success. He’s also been actively managing and leading large enterprises in dramatic turnarounds of culture, leadership and business performance as Acting GM & the CEO for one of the toughest assignments he’s ever had – it’s got everything! We’ll hear first-hand stories, lessons and experiences that Peter’s had in achieving dramatic results for clients and leading his own staff, as well as his expert insights into how our current global climate is shaping leadership for the better and for worse. Hear how Peter’s witnessed the personal destruction that leaders can wreak through the deadly sins and the lessons that we can learn so that we can work leadership magic! As always, Peter will involve his audience in a powerful way to help us change for the better. We loved having him speak last year and were grateful for his insight and expertise. We’re excited that he can come and speak to us again.

Working as a speaker, writer, consultant and executive coach, Peter draws on his diverse professional experiences on 3 continents, his expansive education including his unique doctoral research, and his personal gifts & talents as a pragmatic strategic thinker, problem solver and communicator to show you steps you can immediately take to achieve higher levels of success today. And as an active Senior Exec for challenging company environments, he speaks from the trenches of leadership today!

Free parking is available at the venue, which is close to the CityWest train station and serviced by the free yellow and green CAT buses.

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