60 Million Australians by 2100

Event Date: 
11 June 2013
Stables Bar
888 Hay Street

Sundowner with Author Dr Julian Bolleter

Over 75 years ago, Professor C. T. Madigan of Adelaide University predicted that Australia’s population would reach 60 million in 200 years; at that time the population was at 6.8 Million. Having just hit the 23 million mark, and in line with ABS studies, Australia is well on track to hit the 60 million mark by 2100. How will we accommodate for this increase? Bring your imagination and curiosity along to this informal networking sundowner.

Dr Julian Bolleter is an award winning landscape architect and co-author of ‘Made in Australia’. In his book, Dr Bolleter has described how to design for healthy sustainable communities. They hold the promise of better social inclusion and active health, both areas that when they fail, place stress on the public sector. According to Dr Bolleter, sustainable communities self serve in many instances and thus reduce the stress on the public service.

Join Dr Bolleter for an informal sundowner and hear his 'big picture' thinking on the design for Australia's future.

To be hosted at the historic Stables Bar. Receive one free drink on arrival!

About Dr Bolleter
Dr Julian Bolleter has over 10 years of professional experience and has worked with landscape architectural firms both in Australia and internationally on a range of major projects. Julian has also recently completed a PhD concerning ‘Landscape architecture in Dubai’ which was awarded an ‘exceptional’ rating by a noted academic at the Harvard School of Design. Julian has significant practical and theoretical knowledge of landscape architecture and urban design and is driven by a passion for design.

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"Given the confluence of factors driving world trade, ageing of the Australian population, resource wealth and the coming Asian century, it is more than plausible that Australia will reach 60 million well before 2100." — BRIAN HARATSIS, MACROPLAN AUSTRALIA

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