3D Printing Seminar - Learn how 3D printers can save you up to 80% on manufacturing costs

Event Date: 
18 June 2015
Green Skills Training Centre
Central Institute of Technology
140 Royal Street
East Perth, WA 6004

FREE SEMINAR: Augment and accelerate traditional manufacturing processes and production with 3D Printers.

Did you know:
You can manufacture low volume production parts on a 3D printing production system without the need for any tooling?

You can now 3d print a plastic injection mould and produce hundreds of production parts?

You can repeatedly form sheet metal parts over a 3d printed plastic form tool at pressures up to 10000 PSI?

That 3d printing jigs and fixtures as production aids can save up to 80% on manufacturing costs on the production line?

You can 3d print a thermoforming toll and vacuum form production parts over the printed tool?

All this and more will be discussed at the upcoming 3D Printing for Advanced Manufacturing Seminar.

Fore more info and to register goto:

03 9785 2333 or 0488 998 831
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