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Peter, Does it matter if the figures are not perfect? The fact is one person is forecast to have unearned wealth that will be approximately 10% of the GDP of the whole of Australia. This wealth will have been "produced" by claiming natural resources (owned on trust for the Australian population by either the Federation or the State, precisely which is still being debated) and then selling the right on to producers such as RIO. I think the expression is "peg and plunder". The risk capital provided by the new mineral wealthy, be it Rinehart, Forrest, Palmer etc was insignificant, most coming from punter investors. Did Forrest repay the punters who lost on his Anaconda deal? Rinehart didn't even put in any risk capital, merely inheriting it from her father. Palmer's "peg and plunder" exercise involves selling our assets to China. Peter, cannot you see that is morally wrong?