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Margaret River
My My...everyone is sensitive aren't they! I think the author is only using Margaret River and the "coal mining issue" as an illustration of the current state of the wine industry...nationally. It is indeed an effective illustration. While the Margaret River region is perceived to sit at the premium end of the scale, and is thus, not quite as vilnerable as the lower and middle echelons, the grape glut and other factors outlined in the authors article are having a very real affect on growers in the Margaret River region. To Roland, it is definitely not the norm for Margaret River growers to be receiving $3000 per tonne for fruit. This happens only in exceptional cases. The regional average is easily half that sum, which makes grape production (without value-adding) in the region unsustainable. Additionally, those growers who are hanging in and selling their fruit at a price well below their cost of production are just prolonging the agony.