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Mernda Vic 3754
All the press news is very positive, but unfortunately shareholders haven't seen any flow-on in dividends since all this positive and profitable activity started. Last year's dividend as a promise of good things to come seems to have evaporated. Without any warning, Neometals changed direction from a resources producer and developer to a would-be downstream value-adding developer in a market crowded with players targeting better downstream processes for lithium extraction, both from hard rock and brine sources. In many investors' eyes, this has been an unnecessarily risky strategy. Perhaps the company needs to better explain to the shareholders what it is planning. As a result, many shareholders are selling off and, despite a large cash cache, the share price has plummeted since earlier this year. There are many questions that will be raised at the next AGM as to how the management has managed the share value for the investors and the company as a corporation.