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The proposed university building is too big and poorly designed for such an important heritage area. The West End is a world famous heritage area which has been badly damaged by Fremantle Council allowing poor quality buildings in recent years such as 8 and 50 Pakenham Street, and Atwell Arcade. The predominant height in the precinct is one, two and three storeys and four storeys are allowed if the fourth is set back, The Notre Dame proposal is five storeys which is not allowed and has a large bulk and scale totally inappropriate for such an area. Refreshingly, council officers and councillors votes against this damaging development. "Progress' and 'mulit cultural heritage' is not helped when you damage the very thing that attracts people in the first place. Also, Notre Dame already control 46 properties which has created an unhealthy monoculture and should build this one outside the West End to get their students to permeate through the town.