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Perth, formerly of Broome
Perhaps there are as many crooks on both sides of the colour divide? How is it that 100s of millions of dollars of public money have gone into this region, ostensibly to meet the terrible disadvantage of remote communities, and there's no real sign of change? Plenty of families buy brand new TLC's on a regular basis, kids with V8's and plenty of good times down the bottle shops and pubs on payday. There's a lot of covering of backs when the dirty money river gets exposed. No one speaks for fear of physical retribution or that the money stops. No doubting there's some jealousy driving the allegations - plenty are envious that it's not their family that's at the top of the tree pissing down on the rest. Worst thing that's ever happened post the invasion, dispossession and forced relocations is the advent of native title claims - What a mess! Blended and blurred bloodlines, anthropologists, lawyers and the courts determining who's in and who's out as the resources industries wave money in their attempt to carve out claims on country that has a far deeper and richer meaning. There's no community or family that hasn't been split by the arguments and blood feuds. And shit like this is the result - no community cohesion to build the resilience and keep the focus on building something better for everyone. In step the carpet baggers and con artists. So where have the government been, supposed guardians of our treasury and agents for some sort of social order? The ABC may well have been spun a story on this one but it's a bit odd that you can make so much money out of delivering services to the nations most needy, with bugger all in the way of any advancement - or is this just business as usual in this state of the mates?