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People outside of startups (mining, O&G) often think of 'startups' in terms of consumer apps - the next instagram...blah, blah - with a massively unlikely chance of success, particularly out of WA. And they are right. However, there is a massive opportunity to innovate in industries that WA knows well and this is where the focus should be for govt, industry AND startups. Unearthed is doing a great job at this but is turning a big ship alone. StartupWA shone a light on the proportionately large number of WA startups focusing outside of WA's strengths (new shiny apps is a bit harsh but you get the gist) rather than leveraging what we have. A concerted effort by govt, industry and startups on innovation in current industries is the best use of limited resources. It may also encourage traditional resources investors to consider startups as they will know the domain.