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140 Coolgardie Avenue, Redcliffe WA 6104
People living in DA6 proper are facing major upheaval in their lives and while there have been vague suggestions about capitalising on our properties, we have not seen the colour of anyone's money. In the meantime, it is the people who actually live in DA6 proper (and not greater Belmont) who have nothing to look forward to except living in a construction zone for the next 10 years, with reduced road access. Mr Harrison obviously does not have children attending Redcliffe Primary school, which will bear the brunt of increased volumes of traffic trying to navigate through the suburb to get home or to the local shops. Sure, once the suburb has been built out, it could be great - but in the mean time - it's likely to become very unpleasant for those of us at ground zero. We're not knocking progress Mr Harrison just asking the government to cut us battlers a reasonable break to get there.