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There is so much that isn't understood by the general population including myself on this issue and I question whether it is for profit before the good of racing. Does the sport become richer or do individuals, maybe companies with individuals receiving the most benefits? History tells the story and personalities played big roles in that, good and bad. What ever happens will it provide a platform to entice investment to get behind the racers or perhaps provide a return on investment for racers so that it encourages the growth of entry numbers in the top level categories. Will it perhaps open its minds and allow racers to choose whether they run TC or TF and be treated equally? We all know group 2, 3 and 4 levels are the back bones of any sport however we need Group one to bring people like myself back to the sport and draw the new blood as well. I wish to say this is my personal position only however know a lot of individuals out there that will confer.