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As a long running Ansett and the Qantas Platinum Frequent Flyer, I have diverted to Virgin. It took a while but the aircraft are better and fresher now, and the service is better. In addition their lounges aren't packed with high visibility vests of guys trying to quaff as much alcohol as possible before they get to the mine site and have restricted drinking for a week. Its impossible to find a seat, but Virgins is nice and comfortable. Qantas have deserted Perth for all but mining, with no international flights and better services by Virgin to non mining regional locations. Virgin even offers the 2nd best Bali flight for aircraft/service (Garuda wins). Qantas cancelled my flight one night from Geraldton so I rented a car and drove back to Perth, as they could not tell us when the next flight would leave the next day, they would not even give me the stinking status credits, (not interested in the points) Qantas thinks Dubai and Emirates is the answer, I flew on them business class and the food was awful, service clinical and the lounge big but not that nice. The Singapore lounge by Qantas is what we want, pity QF deserted it after they built it. I arrived in Melbourne the other week after flying from Perth and went to the lounge to sync my emails from my laptop on the wifi from the flight, they actually said I could not come in because the lounge is only for departing guests and I was arriving. Good bye Qantas.