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Last year for me was great for all the advised and support from the start up community. I received education from ignition, the oz app contacts were amazing, spacecube support and all the commercial business learning events and mentoring really helped. It taught me how to plan for commercial business and think beyond the SME style business, and also how to run a business with a lean approach to not waste time or money. The support and education went far beyond though but it would be impossible to put it all in one email. It's definitely allowed be to grow as a business professional, knowing that my path forward is well research and strong. I applied for the CA skills and knowledge grant at the start of this year, after over 6 months of research and preparation for it. I think my application is void now and I hope the new scheme offers good solutions too but I can't lie, it's annoying to have to go through the process again, as it's creates stalls in momentum in the start up community and delays the opportunities these support programs create for businesses.